Founded in 1982 by Mike Koehl and Joe Salas the Delavan-Darien Youth Wrestling Club has been in existance for over 30 years providing young wrestlers with a structured yet fun environment. Wrestling is a self rewarding individual sport that builds character and drive to become a CHAMPION!!!

  • Instruction and Coaching
  • Practice
  • USA Membership
  • Club Shirt
  • Ages K-8th
  • Different Techniques
  • Folkstyle Wrestling
  • Tournaments
  • For Beginners or Novice
  • Meet New Friends
  • Regional Competition
  • State Competition


About our Club

Joshua Hammer

Head Coach

Meet Our Instructors:


Bill Hennessey

AssT. Coach

Past Club Leaders:  

Mike Koehl & Joe Salas- 2 Years

Harvey & Dawn Gonzalez- 20 Years

Nieves & Sharon Gonzalez- 9 Years

Rob Chelminiak--6 Years

Current President: 2020     Jos Hammer

                          V.P. 2020    Brenda Warrenburg

          Administrator: 2018    TammI Ketterhagen

               Treasurer: 2018     Amber Hooverson

              Fundraising: 2018    Lisa Cook

​              Head Coach 2019:   Joshua Hammer